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Le Havre city ​​center is the first reconstructed site (20th century urban ensemble) listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Major architect of the 20th century, a true "concrete poet".

Visionary, Auguste Perret has succeeded in giving a new face to a city ravaged by the Second World War. He reinvents a unique city with a readable and airy architecture. The architecture gives pride of place to light, this same light, so particular, which inspired Claude Monet Impression, Soleil Levant, painted in Le Havre in 1872. A painting which gave its name to the Impressionist movement .


Rally against the "global security" law on the Place du Trocadéro. The police had taken possession of the Human Rights Square or the rally was to take place and the Place du Trocadéro became a giant trap



Demonstration Place de la République against the law on global security on Saturday, November 28, 2020.



In February 2020, the world suffered the first attacks from the coronavirus or covid 19

Paris was touched by this strange, insidious and deadly evil.


Here is the cover of my new book, a collective work which retraces the formidable voyage in the Sunda Islands that we made aboard a traditional Indonesian sailboat.

"On the first morning of the world" published by Hozhoni .

336 pages

Here is the cover, the back cover and a little brief with this link

Traveler photographer

Travel journals

I am a photographer and I travel the world.

Here, I tell about my travels and I also share with you my photo experiences.

After studying photography at the CNAM on the scientific bases of photography, I entered the Magnum agency to take care of the promotion of photographers from 1978 to 1981. Thus a vocation was refined. Become a photographer, I join the ANA agency, cover many conflicts including the war in Lebanon in 1982, then travel through Europe, black Africa, the West Indies, offering through my photographs to be closer to men and universes that I meet.

My first works show a real interest for man and his environment; I regularly publish my photographs in the form of books and reports.

On this site, you will find my travel diaries.

I am the author of fifteen books

A propos Jacques Bravo
Carnet de voyages

Travel diaries

carnet de voyage en Indonésie
carnet de voyage au Maroc
Capture d’écran 2019-06-19 à
carnet de voyage à la Défense, Paris, Jacques Bravo
Capture d’écran 2019-07-19 à
carnet de voyage au Havre, cargo, Jacques Bravo
Un homme qui fume dans un couloir d'hôpital devant une interdiction
deux soldats du Front Polisario se tiennent la main
Carnet de voyage à Budapest de Jacques Bravo
Nadia Karzmar au invalides
L'affaire Maria Lani et des 51 portraits oubliés
carnet de voyage à Noyers sur Serein

"It is the silent contemplation of the atlases, face down on the carpet, between ten and thirteen years old, which thus gives the desire to plant everything there. Think of regions like Banat, Caspian, Kashmir, music that resonates with it, with the looks one meets there, with the ideas that await you there ... When desire resists the first attacks of common sense, we look for reasons for it. is that you do not know how to name what pushes you. Something in you grows and loosens the moorings, until the day when, not too sure of yourself, you are leaving for good.

A journey goes without grounds. He wasted no time in proving that he was self-sufficient. We think we're going to take a trip, but soon it's the trip that makes or breaks you. "

Nicolas Bouvier

" The use of the world "



11bis, rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle 75009 Paris

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