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Travel diaries in MOROCCO

Here is the sum of ten years of trips made during the four seasons.
How to make all the diversities present, logical, without making an alphabetical catalog?
Go from the sea to the pebble plateaus (hammadas), through eternal snow, fertile valleys, oases.
From the happy valley to Merzouga. From Tangier to Demnate, the city of beautiful women? How not to take the same eternal paths, without neglecting the wonders. How to listen to the music of this Morocco, hear the poetry that sometimes sings where you do not expect it.

How to get off the beaten track, to better take side roads.
Morocco is our planet in reduction : everything is there, nothing is missing. Planet means life, it is therefore necessary to define the lines of life, to follow these rivers of which the Atlas is the water tower, to understand the struggle for life that the peasants have waged for millennia in hanging gardens, that the fishermen risk for some fish: the Imragen are "the people who eat shellfish" and the R'Guibats are "the sons of the clouds",

the Amazigh language means "what free men say" : therefore the word of truth.
It is living with this incomparable light of the promise of dawn which makes each day a new day.
Which makes you want to take into account all the faces of Morocco, and not just the high places. From Rif to Layoun. From Massa to Oujda. From Asilah to Figuig. From the top of the Grand Mosque of Casablanca to the canyons of Bani. Give a thousand and one photos like Sheherazade invented a thousand and one night.
By offering seven great trips , especially in ignored or misunderstood regions and of course in Marrakech.

The dazzling
Découvrez les carnets de voyages de l'éblouissante Marrakech-Maroc- le mur des tombeaux Saadiens par le photographe Jacques Bravo
Mediterranean Morocco
F rom the region of Tangier Nador
Capture d’écran 2018-12-15 à
Jemaa el Fna square
Découvrez les carnets de voyages de  Marrakech-Maroc-La place Jemaa el Fna par le photographe Jacques Bravo
Atlantic Morocco
From Tangier to Agadir
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