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Carnet de voyage de Marrakech à Agadir, Maroc. Jacques Bravo

The capital of the South (Marrakech) is so sure of its charm that it can afford to offer you another trip. Because this ability to open up to other worlds is also the secret of the Red City. Supreme planet of a constellation. It has twelve doors, you have to take advantage of it. In the narrowest sense, the Sous is the valley of the wadi of the same name which benefits abundantly from the snow from the summits when it melts, forming nourishing arteries. In the real sense, it is a province with a unique character, whose contrasts are complex. Formerly, it was the sugar basket of Morocco, when the long canes greened there; Today, it is still a garden whose irrigation ensures its abundance.

Tizi N'Test
594 col du Tizi N'Test jb-2.jpg
tizi n'test paysage.jpg

Tizi-n-Test pass.

February brings all the flowers. The almond trees, the first, transform the valley into an immense bouquet that falls from the sky. Each turn of the winding lane brings an unexpected spectacle. It is the enchanted road of Sous which we never want to see the end: exactly the place where we want to stay. The Test is not a passage, it is a magical stay. And at the bottom flows a river ...

591 col du Tizi N'Test jb-1.jpg

Tizi-n-Test pass.

Each turn offers a balance over a village.

595 col TiziN'Test jb-4.jpg

Tizi-n-Test pass.

And at the bottom flows a river ...

cultures terrasse tizi N'Te copie-1.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

If spring is early, it is very short, summer often too long. Mountain farmers have developed terracing techniques that have nourished people for centuries.

tizi n'test village amandie-7.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

590 col du Tizi N'Test jb-4.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

598 village dans le T#106A6-3.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

593 col du Tizi N'Test jb-5.jpg

The Tizi N'Test rises like a snake unrolls its rings to offer a last panoramic view before diving towards the Sous.

588 col du tTizi N'Test jb-3.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

587 col du Tizi N'Test jb-2.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

m'zouzite tizi n' test copie-6.jpg

Tizi N'Test.

A unique route that can recall the most spectacular Pyrenean valleys by its virtuosity and attention to detail. From Marrakech, we bury ourselves in the Ouirgane valley; and Asni is a friendly gateway. Then we gradually abandon the asphalt.

We are in another world which was that of the powerful Almohades, severe conquerors who nevertheless built the Koutoubia and the Hassan tower!

Tinmel is there to remind us.

tin mel vue gen-2.jpg

T he famous mosque, restored but not revisited, on the left bank of a river that still sparkles, is as it was in the 12th century, embodying the grandeur of a dynasty animated by an invincible faith. Placed in a case of terraces which tame the reliefs and mark the strength of a peasant work, just as invincible.

Perfect expression of Morocco.

tin mel 4-7.jpg


The horseshoe, trefoil, lobed, and stalactite arches are varied and very elegant. The remarkable floral decoration, especially in the capitals which are of a new style and announce the wonders of the XIVth century Marinids. The three stalactite domes are the first built in Morocco, and are undoubtedly the most beautiful.

tin mel 8-5.jpg


The mihrab "of great nobility" marks the direction of Mecca, an essential orientation. He is "capped" by the minaret, an exceptional arrangement in Muslim art.

tin mel detail-3.jpg



tin mel 9-4.jpg


Nine naves of five spans each constitute the mosque proper, and two naves run along the courtyard: they cover an area of 48 mx 45 m.

detail tin mel-6.jpg
tin mel 6-8.jpg
tin mel 5-1.jpg


The mosque built around 1120, by Ibn Toumert, founder of the Almohad dynasty, which will restore Islam to the Maghreb. In a sublime site, it is one of the oldest monuments of Morocco.

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