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The traditional destination is obviously Tafraout, which must be approached when the almond trees stretch the mountain in an unforgettable pastel pink that cannot be found anywhere else. If it is too early, or too late, the seduction remains anyway, we can be reassured: Tafraout, "multiple city", mired in rocks as pink as in Ploumanac'h, is always faithful to the appointment .

amandiers en fleurs-25.jpg
amandiers tafraoute 2-26.jpg

Thanks to it you change the planet an hour from Agadir, the miraculous city. To appreciate it, you have to soak it, that is to stay there for a few days, because you can radiate to the west or to the south, this border of the Bani which borders the great desert. A chain of small mountains whose chaos guarantees beauty, pierced with foudm, that is to say passages dug by torrents which do little more than figuration but multiply the oases fed by well hidden water because also protecting itself from the sun.

Tafraout, village d'Adaï.-13.jpg


Village and mosque of an “exemplary” village in the Tafraout region.

Characteristic color in granite chaos.

region Tafraoute 8-18.jpg

Ameln Valley

region tafraoute8 2-16.jpg


If spring is early, it is very short, summer often too long. Mountain farmers have developed terracing techniques that have nourished people for centuries.

region Tafraoute Tioulit 11-17.jpg



tazca 2 tafraoute-7.jpg


Village of Adaï, some skillfully built houses triumph over the granite maelstrom in the midst of which they protect themselves.

tazca tafraoute-6.jpg
femme tafraoute 3-23.jpg


She was there, motionless, offering a short respite of two minutes. While I waited for the simultaneous hatching of the almond trees which make the hard sorry stone, suddenly, a muslin of a pink so tender. And so fleeting. As in the Test, we would like to stay a fortnight, so as not to lose anything within a radius of a few tens of kilometers. There she was, hieratic, sitting on a block of intertwined roots, between two palm trees. Like riding a camel. Or rather like on a public bench, somewhere in this valley of Ameln which obsesses painters and photographers.

Tafraoute, femme dans la palmeraie 2-3.j
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femme tafraoute 2-24.jpg
Tafraoute, Amandiers en fleurs-2.jpg
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