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Jacques Bravo


After studying photography at CNAM, Jacques Bravo joined the Magnum agency to promote photographers from 1978 to 1981.

Having become a photographer, he joined the ANA agency and covered many conflicts including the Lebanese war in 1982, then traveled through Europe, black Africa, the West Indies. Showing a real interest in man and his environment, he regularly publishes his photographs in the form of books and reports in international magazines.

He immerses himself in the subjects he treats, appreciates all the nuances, devotes first months and then years. He is not the man at once, but the attentive and accomplice witness to a universe of which he wants to give an account in all its details.

From 1995, he devoted himself almost exclusively to work on Morocco and the Moroccan National Tourist Office entrusted him with another photographer for nine years, the production of visuals for his advertising campaign in France which won the grand prize of the magazine press advertising with the Euro RSCG agency.


He has signed and co-signed several works on Morocco:

Maroc at Éditions du Chêne, “Grands Voyageurs” collection

Morocco, kingdom of a thousand and one festivals, Éditions Plume

Morocco, Place Jemaa el Fna, BBK Publishing, Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre

Beauty secrets of Moroccan women at Éditions Plume / Flammarion

Marrakech, the red oasis Éditions "Bibliothèque des Arts" in Lausanne

Digital book by Edxodus Publishing on Morocco. 438 Pages

He will release a book on Morocco with texts by François Pédron in Nov. 2019 of 292 pages: "Morocco".


He also publishes six books on Paris:

"Paris land of all dreams" Soline Edition

"Paris, left bank right bank" Bibliothèque des Arts, Lausanne

"Paris la Défense". Cardinal points

"Paris, the Invalides:" Hymn to Life ", texts François Pédron

Prefaced by Mr. Jacques Chirac, President of the Republic. "The spirit of all battles" editions

"Paris belongs to you", texts by François Pédron, published by Altaïr

“Paris” texts François Pédron, Bibliothèques des Arts, Lausanne

“The flame of the nation” texts François Pédron, Editions “The spirit of all battles”


"Majestic Spain" Atlas editions

"Majestic Antilles" Atlas editions (collective)

"Vins de France" Solines editions

"The most beautiful forests of France" editions of Reader's Digest.

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Vente aux enchères de photographies
Exposition photo sur Paris par Jacques Bravo
Livre la flamme de la nation par Jacques Bravo et François Pédron
BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers5.jpg
BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers6.jpg
BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers7.jpg
Livre Paris par Jacques Bravo et François Pedron
Exposition Jacques Bravo
Livre Paris La Défense
Livre Hymne à la vie
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BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers13.jpg
BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers15.jpg
BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers14.jpg
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BIBLIO J.BRAVO pers28.jpg
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