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La Subligraphie®


Subligraphie® is a very high quality printing technique on Chromaluxe® aluminum sheets based on a precise and demanding technical process. It generates an exceptional color rendering, a striking depth effect and unequaled resistance.





This technology is based on thermal sublimation which, thanks to recent research and development efforts, is now compatible with the field of photography and high-end decoration.

Sublimation takes place on Chromaluxe® aluminum plates primed with several layers of polyester varnish. In the heat, the polyester opens, the ink turns into gas and is found encapsulated in the varnish. The image is then an integral part of the support.

This gives the print exceptional resistance to attack (UV, water, fire, frost, cleaning products, etc.) and an unrivaled longevity indoors and outdoors.

The visual impact of “sublimated” images is striking in contrast, depth and respect for colorimetry.


Making a Subligraphie® also requires respecting the commitments of the charter of the “Subligraphie® Label”.

The label is based on precise technical requirements which guarantee the quality of the result.

Only Subligraphes Certified Workshops are able to produce these prints.


The Subligraphie® logo makes it possible to record and number the prints, this in order to avoid counterfeits, enhance the prints and protect the workshops and their customers.

Subligraphie® makes it possible to produce unique works or in limited series while benefiting from a label framed by very strict technical and ethical guidelines and thus guarantees an undeniable artistic value to the work produced!




The 1.14mm thick Chromaluxe® sheets are available in a glossy finish.

The glossy finish naturally turns to images with vibrant and / or contrasting colors. It offers a striking depth and a certain visual impact.






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