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Indonesia: Expedition in Forgotten Lands by the Iris Foundation






Carnet de voyage du photographe Jacques Bravo dans les peties iles de la sonde en Indonésie. Ile de Palue

Robinson Island Palue

Ile de Palue--1.jpg

Samsudin is back

Ile de Palue--11.jpg

When the volcano exploded in 2013, a black cloud seized the island, a blood red flow ate the forest and engulfed the corals; he had fled with those who had not perished.

Ile de Palue--2.jpg

On his return, the first day, he had cleaned his nets and those of these companions, these are the survival tools.

Ile de Palue--4.jpg

The second, he had started to set up in a collapsed hut, a resting place to protect himself from the animals.

Ile de Palue--10.jpg

Then, he had placed the nets in the trees, first to protect them from miasma and plant debris. The effect was striking when he came home at sunset like the lanterns of a village.

He felt less alone.

Ile de Palue--5.jpg

Tous avaient fuit et peu sont revenus, sa sœur et quelques autres familles se sont réinstallés dans le village de Nitung qui était partiellement détruit à une heure de marche rude dans les collines. Sa sœur si triste depuis une semaine, sa fille de vingt ans vient de mourir. Elle aurait pu se marier cette année. Il se souvient de son rire quand son petit frère imitait sa démarche chaloupée, un rire tendre et affectueux. Reste maintenant ce carré de terre fraîche cernée de bougies pour ne pas la laisser seule dans la nuit.

Ile de Palue.jpg

Ah his sister, he will have to bring him fish, but at 65, it is difficult to climb after a day at sea this hill. He remembers his childhood when all these vines, bamboos, pebbles were a game and now a trap, these green snakes, placid when we know how to avoid them, have a lightning discharge for rapid agony if we accidentally rush on them .

Paloe, Trimeresurus albolabris ou crotal

Photo of Françoise Brenckmann

Ile de Palue--7.jpg

Alone on the shore of this island, not because he failed on an unknown land, it is his island, he awaits the return of these companions in misfortune taking great care of these boats which he cannot move alone and of those nets for which a certain number of rhythmic hands are missing in the effort to get out of the sea his daily life.

Ile de Palue--3.jpg
livre au premier matin du monde
Carnet de voyage en Indonesie. Jacques Bravo
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