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Indonesia: Expedition in Forgotten Lands by the Iris Foundation






Carnet de voyage du photographe Jacques Bravo dans les peties iles de la sonde en Indonésie. Iles de Flor§s et village de Bena

Wednesday July 22

Arrival at the island of Flores in front of the port of Riung around 7am.

Another atmosphere because the sea is oily, little wind and an absolute blue sky! We walk in Riung for almost 2 hours, we meet some tourists, especially Dutch, small traditional and modern houses, we come across two or three cars and scooters, some small stalls with drinks and basic groceries, we even find a mini stationery ....!

Pretty vegetation, cocoa tree, kapok, banana flowers.


July 23

After a very calm night, at anchor in front of the islet of Dua, we prepare to leave inland towards the traditional villages of the Ngada ethnic group on the island of Flores. Three or four hours of biscayu, a small wooden bus open on all sides, await us to reach our destination. We leave the port of Riung around 8:30 am, the road is narrow and totally smashed in places, we are shaken in all directions but it is part of the adventure!

The forest becomes more and more dense, massive bamboo borders the road, we stop in front of a beautiful landscape of rice fields. In the distance we see horses, it is the first time that we come across them.

Ile de Florès--14.jpg
Indonesie, ile de flores, village de Bena
Ile de Florès--16.jpg
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Ile de Florès--51.jpg
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Ile de Florès--29.jpg
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Ile de Florès--50.jpg
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